Vaidyaratnam Sandip C. Patel - Chief Physician At NIRAMAY AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL, Surat – Bardoli – Navsari – Kamrej – Baroda – Bharuch, Bajipura Gujarat, India

Vaidyaratnam Sandip Patel Is On The Few Specialist In The World With Ph.D In Botony (Vanaspati Sashtra) And Also Expert Nadi Vaidya "Pulse Readers. And Is Dedicated Spread The Ancient Wisdom Of Ayurveda Marma Pidanruh Chikitsa (Marma Chikitsa).

He Has Hailed The Glory Of Ayurvedic Panchakarma Tradition In Entire Gujarat And Serve The Chronic Disease Since 30 + Years.

Also He Is Founder and President of “Pratik Medical Education And Charitable Trust, Bhikhibaba Campus” Bajipura With The Many Education Institute.

Also He Is Founder And Chairman Of Re-Search Pharmaceuticals Institute Of “AYURSUN PHARMA & PRATIK NUTRACEUTICALS” At - Bhatpore G.I.D.C, Hazira, Surat, In 1992. Also Founder Chairman of Richly Pharmaceuticals pvt ltd, Surat Gujarat.

Ex-Lecturer and Superintendent Jalaram Bapa Ayurved College Godhra.

Conducted Several National Seminars Workshops and Panchakarma, Agni karma, Vidhakarma And Marma Pidanruh Treatment Training Programs In Pan India.

He Has Around 30+ Years Of Experience As Iconic Guru For The Training Of Many Graduate And Post Graduate Students.

He Has Been Delivering Many Guest Lectures On Various Topics Of Kaychikitsa And Panchakarma Since Last Three Decades.

He Has Presented More Than 100+ Research Paper In National & International Conferences And Also Published More Than 100+ Research Papers.

Vaidyaratnam Sandip Patel Is Also A Member Of Various National & International Health Association His Various Achievements As Ayurvedic Physician Active Participant Iconic Guru And Ideal Contributor Stand For His International Vibrant Personality.

He Demonstrated And Actively Participated In Numerous Panchakarma Therapies, Agnikarma Treatment Vidhakarma Treatment, Marma Pidanruh Chikitsa Treatment As Well As Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Along With Research Eye Treatments For Ayurveda Graduates And Post Graduates Students At “NIRAMAY AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL” Surat And Various Centres. He Also Conducted Panchakarma Workshop To Share His Experience Ayurvedic Knowledge To Help Ayurvedic Doctors And Students Learn The Different Facts Of Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapies And Ancient Traditional Ayurveda.

He Also Inspired And Trained Many Ayurvedic Doctors From Different Rigion Of The Country, Who Later Established Their Own Panchakarma And Ayurveda Chikitsa Clinic In Their Respective Region, Also With His Team He Organized Many National Re-Orientation Programs Of Clinical Panchakarma And Agni karma For Ayurvedic Physician And Teachers.

He Also Inspired And Trained Many Ayurveda Doctors from Region of the Country through Various Social Media.

Vaidyaratnam Sandip Patel Relayed Many Speeches on Radio Regarding Panchakarma and Ayurveda Several Times, He His Regular and Significant Article Contributor to Many Renowned Ayurvedic Journals

Vaidyaratnam Sandip Patel Organized More Than 2000+ Camps in All Gujarat,

Vaidyaratnam Sandip Patel Also Organized Many Trainings Programs For Students In Forest To Learn About Traditional Herbs

Vaidyaratnam Sandip Patel Distributed Research Vinyl Tablet And Respid O2 Tablet Pandemic Covid-19 Situation In 2019/22.

Vaidyaratnam Sandip Patel Distributed Research Vinyl Lm Tablet For Veterinary Field Lumpy Virus In 2022.

Guru the Teacher

1. Vaidya Narsinh Bhai Patel – Punakumbharia , Surat, Gujarat

2. Dr Polepally Yadaiah – Hyderab, Telangana.

3. Dr U S Nigam – Ujjain Madhya Pradesh.

4. Dr C Sureshkumar – Triveni Nursing Home Trivandrum Kerala

Achievement – Awards And Honor

➢ International Intellectual Development Award 2011

➢ Ayurvedchachaspatianmanpatra - 2017 (Surat)

➢ Ayushree Ratna 2018 (Hyderabad)

➢ Pandit Ramnaraj Sharma Award - 2018

➢ Times Health Icons Surat - 2019 Surat Ratna Award - 2021

➢ Bharat Sevak Samajhonour - New Delhi

➢ Special Achievment Award - Gema - 2021 ➢ Priest For Humanity Award - 2022

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